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Ohouse Ambassador Program!
📣 Ohouse Official Ambassador recruitment! Ohouse is on the hunt for passionate and talented creators to become part of our ambassador program! Ohouse operates ambassador programs seasonally and has grown into a premier interior design community with more than 1,100 ambassadors globally! We're looking for enthusiastic individuals to become an ambassadors for Ohouse in the US and join us to help make our community even better. If you're interested, fill out this registration form to apply!

Program details

📷 Include at least 3 product tags per post (photo or video) to qualify for rewards!
🌟 Rewards: Earn up to $200 per month (it'll only take 30 minutes)
- $25 for your first photo post of the month, $10 for each post afterwards (up to 12x per month). * Post at least 10x a month and get an additional $50!
* Each post must include at least 3 product links/tags * Each post must include at least 3 #hashtags
- Rewards paid through Paypal, you can cash out each month! - check the FAQ in the next page for more details!
🌟 Perks: As an official ambassador, you'll get priority invitations to events and promotions, your photos can be featured on our social media, and you'll have the opportunity to continue your involvement in future seasons
We can't wait to see all the amazing things we'll accomplish together.